Alternative Offerings

>>Check this page for up and becoming opportunities like classes, vending locations, events and offerings like re-dyes and mending.<<


.:D Y E  S E R V I C E S:.

Is your garment in need of a fresh dip in the dye bath? Let me draw a plant-based chromatic spa for your garment at the cost of $20 per garment plus shipping. This service is available to all clothing, not just those pieces made by me. Send an email with your preferred color tones in the form below.


.:M E N D I N G  S E R V I C E S:.

Have your favorite wearables gotten even more "holy" over time? Send your garments to me to be mended at the cost of $20/hr plus shipping and materials. **This service is available to all clothing, but if your garment was made by me, I will repair it for just the cost of shipping!  Send an email with a brief description of the damage in the form below.