Harvest Loom (Colorado College Senior Thesis 2015)

These are a collection of images from my Thesis at the Colorado College in 2015. I created a collection of wearable art pieces from all natural materials and dyes; namely hemp, alpaca fiber, sheep wool, indigo, and cochineal (and one piece of pine needles!) Working on this project was one greatest joys of my life thus far- no joke! I can remember being obsessed with my thesis- in a good way- how many can say that? This show was also awarded  the Outstanding Senior Art Thesis award at the Colorado College in 2015.

It began with weaving 12 feet of fabric in rug weave with elements of handspun and botanically dyed yarns

Which was subsequently and intentionally chopped for garment making..

The Venus of Colorado Dress

Pine needle hat

(bonus photo of the process undone !)


Thank you for viewing!